430 Flow Back Ball Valves

430 Flow Back ball valves offer instant shut off at nozzles, eliminating application problems resulting from continuing to spray after the section has been switched off.


  • Minimizes risk of over- or mis-application and enables spraying to row ends. Boom pressure is relieved when valve is in the off position and results in instant spray tip shut off. A minimal amount of liquid is diverted back to the tank to relieve the pressure. Spraying stops 80% to 95% faster when Flow Back valves are used.
  • Spraying resumes instantly. The boom remains full of spray solution and ready to spray when turned on.
  • Perfect companion to Automatic Boom Section Control (ABSC). Flow Back system optimizes ABSC function by linking controller and spray tip interaction.
  • Reduces chemical expense by eliminating waste and protects waterways and other areas outside intended boundaries.
  • Flow rate of 9.2 gpm (35 l/min) at a 5 psi (0.34 bar) pressure drop and 13.7 gpm (53 l/mim) at a 10 psi (0.69 bar) pressure drop.

How 430 Flow Back Valves Work

Open Position

Closed Position


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